About RPM Search Group

Revenue and profit make a successful business. But before you can get to profit, you first need to focus on talent – because the talent of your workforce will ultimately drive your business forward. RPM Search Group will partner with you to identify, evaluate, and select that talent.

We are a boutique retained executive search and recruiting strategy consulting firm specializing in matching strategic pricing, revenue management, quantitative analytics and commercial strategy talent who stand out among their peers with career opportunities across all industries.


How RPM Search Group Uses Talent to Drive Profit

RPM Search Group knows Talent Drives Profit™ and believes if a company doesn’t execute with excellence in acquiring talent, they will never realize the full potential of the business. With this mindset, Michael has worked with notable clients that include Google, Starbucks, General Mills, Boeing, Whirlpool, and more. Through RPM Search Group, Michael delivers powerful and lasting results with proven solutions in the areas of:

• Executive Search
• Recruiter training and development
• Candidate experience and Talent Relationship Management (TRM)
• Recruiting strategy design and implementation
• Recruitment process engineering (ATS selection & implementation) 
• Competency modeling and performance/behavioral interview design
• Selection interview training for hiring leaders

RPM has been hired by some of the finest companies and well-known brands, private equity firms, as well as outstanding and fast-growing middle-market companies, around the world. To truly understand how Michael and  RPM Search Group can drive improved corporate performance and improve profits by uncovering the right talent, learn about what makes us different.