See What Makes RPM Search Group Different

When looking outside your organization for help with hiring senior and executive level talent, you may be looking for contingent recruiters. If that’s the case, you may want to look elsewhere – RPM Search Group and its executive search offerings are far different from contingent recruiting and other executive search firms.

Here’s what makes us different:

  • Working with RPM Search Group means you’re choosing experts with years of experience working with successful brands. RPM has more than 20 years of extensive cross-industry expertise and experience identifying, evaluating, and placing executive and mid-career talent with some of the best-known and well-recognized brands, as well as middle market and start-up organizations.
  • Our commitment to ongoing networking with industry experts within our specialty search practice areas means we have the tools to get you the results you’re looking for. This allows us to generate and expand our knowledge of current and emerging leaders. We interface with industry experts who are market-savvy and have real-world experience. These are the executives that can move a business to the far right on the continuum of success.
  • You can trust we’ll remain up-to-date with industry standards and best practices. We maintain in-depth knowledge in our specialty search practice areas through ongoing subject matter analysis and networking with numerous professionals - ranging from industry related to consulting and product management firms.
  • You won’t just get a long list of candidates that meet your minimum requirements, because RPM digs deeper to select only the best of the best. RPM conducts a granular assessment of professionals to ascertain their individual capabilities and intrinsic talent. For our clients, this allows precise targeting of executive profiles and identification of the unique executive intellect that will drive their competitive advantage.


  • Do you want quality service like that found at a big firm? Or detailed attention, commitment and flexibility? RPM provides both. RPM provides a high touch, personalized experience while delivering exceptional results. Our experience servicing companies of all sizes and levels of brand recognition uniquely positions us to deliver “big firm” quality while providing “boutique firm” attention, commitment, and flexibility.

At RPM Search Group, we are committed to you, our client. This client-centric commitment allows us to find you the talent you need to drive profit and improve corporate performance. Learn more about what makes us different by exploring our company values, and see why we’re the right fit for your organization today.