Executive Search

Uncovering talent for your organization isn’t just about locating mid/senior-level, executive positions and board directors who meet the minimum criteria. It’s about digging deep to locate a diamond in the rough – the passionate leader who can take your business to new heights.

There is a difference between an executive search consulting firm and a contingency recruiting agency. Our specialized management consultants are retained on an exclusive basis by clients in an advisory and performance capacity. We partner with you to identify, assess, and weed out the best of the best. Rather than leave the assessment and selection work to you alone, we work with you to complete the entire hiring process.


The Executive Search Business Model

Executive search consulting firms like RPM Search Group operate on an exclusive, client-centered basis and work on a limited number of assignments at one time. Executive search firms often find candidates with diverse backgrounds and have access to candidates who are not actively seeking a new position. They are engaged in all aspects of the process, from defining the search through candidate integration. They charge a consulting fee (retainer) for the assignment, consistent with their in-depth advisory work.

Executive search consultants deliver high-quality service, a slate of highly qualified candidates, and develop long-term relationships built on trust. Learn more about the difference between executive search and contingent recruiting today.


The Assessment Framework

Derived from research and more than 20 years of success in assessing and placing senior and executive talent, RPM has isolated six key focus areas that are critical to high performance and leadership success. Using these six core criteria, behavioral competency assessment and the unique and specialized criteria gathered from each client and position, RPM delivers talent that will move the performance needle for our clients.

  • Driving Results - Delivering measurable performance outcomes and improving the way things are done.
  • Strategic Thinking - Making sense of the market and identifying future direction.
  • Collaborating and Influencing - Inviting and sharing information; facilitating and building strong internal and external partnerships.
  • Leading People/Functions - Engaging, empowering, influencing a team and/or key constituents.
  • Leading Change - Inspiring and aligning an organization, teams, or key constituents through needed change to drive performance.
  • Developing Organizational Capability - Building individuals, teams, and organizations for the long term.


The Executive Search Process

RPM Search Group begins by understanding your industry, business strategy, and unique needs. To do this, we use competency-based interviewing, 360 degree referencing and due diligence processes that may be augmented by broader assessments.

Next, we identify a slate of the most qualified candidates that fit well with your business culture and have the right background and experience for your needs. We usually present you with 3 to 5 of the best matches for your search.

Our success is based on the long-term commitment and impact of the person you hire, so we are committed to help secure a lasting, successful executive hire. This motivates us even further to find the right candidate for you.

The wisest decision you can make for your business is to focus on your talent – not just obtaining talent, but selecting executives who will fit your company culture, drive the business forward, and make a long-lasting impact on your organization. Executive search through RPM Search Group can offer you just that.

To begin your executive search, contact RPM Search Group today.