Strategic Pricing and Revenue Management Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy refers to the process that your business undergoes to set prices for each of your products/services. We work with companies to identify, evaluate, and select strategic pricing and revenue management talent with the skills, experience, leadership, and change management skills to implement and drive a world class pricing framework for your business.

RPM Search Group partners with your company to hire with confidence the strategic pricing talent and leadership who can design, develop, and implement your pricing, profit, and revenue management strategy for measurable and long-term success.

Pricing Analytics

Pricing Analytics enables companies, across all industries, to dramatically improve profitability & market share by defining optimal prices & pricing strategy. RPM Search Group RPM Search Group partners with your company to hire with confidence the quantitiative analytics talent who can leverage data to understand what drives your customers’ buying decisions and integrate this knowledge into actionable pricing and profitability initiatives.



Common Pricing Strategy Concerns for Business:

• Re-gaining Control of Your Pricing
• Setting Prices with Confidence
• Discounting Effectiveness & Strategy
• Implementation of Pricing Best Practices
• Developing A Pricing Framework
• Design and implementation of pricing software
• Building, leading pricing & revenue management teams
• Capturing Value

Questions to Ask:
• Is the pricing process chaotic? Is pricing too reactive?
• Are you focused on control, enforcement and accountability?
• Have any ‘pricing partnerships’ been formed?
• Do you know the optimal price structure for your business?
• At what speed can you execute complex pricing strategies?

Based on your current commercial strategy, revenue, profit, and growth goals, your answers to these questions may indicate a need for a strategic pricing leader in your organization.