Candidate Bill of Rights

Many firms and recruiters call themselves “professional executive search consultants”, but are they really? Not necessarily. It’s no wonder many candidates are cautious when responding to anyone claiming to be an executive search consultant.

Luckily, RPM Search Group is different. We believe candidates should expect the highest level of ethics, integrity, and performance in the profession. Below are your rights and obligations as a candidate and should be your expectation of any search firm or search consultant you work with, whether it’s RPM or not.

At RPM, you can expect:

Full Disclosure

Once you have been identified as a candidate for a position, RPM Search Group and your search consultant will provide full and open disclosure regarding:

  • The nature and requirements of the position.
  • Whether relocation is required.
  • Pertinent information regarding the client organization.
  • Whether the search firm has been retained by the client on an exclusive basis.


RPM has an exclusive agreement with the client organization, authorized by the client to find an individual who is a precise fit for a specific position. Without this exclusive agreement, candidates could find their resumes floated to random clients, or as part of a large pool of undifferentiated candidates.


The unintended disclosure of an executive’s interest in a new position can be highly disruptive—even catastrophic. RPM Search Group and its consultants protect the confidentiality of the candidate’s interest and other information, by:

  • Obtaining authorization before releasing the candidate’s name and credentials to the client organization so that the candidate can provide informed consent.
  • Only contacting candidate provided references with their expressed permission.
  • Cautioning the client to also protect the candidate’s confidentiality.
  • Being discreet when contacting the candidate, doing so directly, and not through an assistant or anyone else at the candidate’s current employer.
  • Never discussing a candidate except as authorized.
  • Continuing to protect the candidate’s confidential information even after the process is completed.


The high-stakes nature of senior executive turnover means an executive search assignment frequently takes several months. Out of respect for the candidate, RPM and its consultants will provide timely progress updates as the search progresses, and will be responsive to candidate inquiries. The consultant will also provide an honest appraisal of where the candidate does and does not seem to be a fit, and will be forthcoming if the client chooses to end the individual’s candidacy.


Executive search assignments are conducted at the highest levels, and candidates for these roles have pressing demands on their time. RPM and its consultants will treat every candidate with professionalism, by:

  • Respecting a candidate’s time, position and professional responsibilities.
  • Providing adequate process details including the position description, the client’s timeframe, and the various steps to be taken as the process unfolds.
  • Being on time and prepared for appointments.
  • Conducting an organized, well thought-out interview.
  • Providing communication that is consistent with the client.
  • Serving as an honest, candid intermediary during the highly sensitive negotiation of an offer/employment agreement.
  • Never putting undue pressure on a candidate who has been made an offer.

An Ongoing Relationship

The relationship with RPM Search Group is not over at the conclusion of an assignment. A natural result of an involved search process is that relationships develop between RPM search consultants and candidates, especially when consultants conduct themselves in a manner befitting the core principles of the business and the Candidate Bill of Rights.

For an unsuccessful or uninterested candidate, the relationship could lead to other opportunities. For the successful candidate, the consultant will serve in the crucial role of intermediary during the negotiation of the offer/employment agreement, and will be there to help through the transition into the new role.

How to Maximize Your Experience with RPM Search Group

RPM Search Group is committed to helping clients access a robust and diverse field of candidates to make the best decision possible. Ultimately the decision is a matter of fit, but a candidate can take steps to advance his or her standing and ensure the right decision is made regarding his or her candidacy. Those steps include:

  1. Disclosing an accurate work history, and being honest and forthright about reasons for changes in roles throughout career.
  2. Being candid about strengths and areas that need improvement.
  3. Expressing truthfully their level of interest (or lack thereof) and relevant experience for the position.
  4. Maintaining flexibility with regard to appointments, interviews, and the entire search process.
  5. Respecting the client organization’s confidentiality.
  6. Understanding that the process takes time, and that several qualified candidates are under consideration.
  7. Negotiating in good faith.

Many candidates find the search process with RPM Search Group very rewarding, regardless of the outcome. With guidance from RPM search consultants, candidates have the chance to explore their own interests and aptitudes, and even hone their interview and negotiation skills. In the end, it’s always a win.

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