Who We Serve

At RPM Search Group, we work with both candidates and clients. By forming long-term relationships with both groups, we are able to help our clients use their talent like never before – in a way that ultimately drives profit and creates positive, long-term business results. So, do you fall into one of these two groups we serve?


The Clients

The client companies who become partners with RPM Search Group are not your average organizations. They typically exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. They are proven leaders in their industry.
  2. They insist on an engaged and passionate workforce, and understand the value in it.
  3. They are strong financially.
  4. They have a leadership team that leads by example.
  5. They are committed to excellence, set world class standards, and believe in continuous improvement and high performance as a way of life.

Do you believe that top performers out-produce average performers by as much as tenfold? If your answer is ‘yes’, you could be a client that fits well with RPM Search Group.

The Candidates

When we work with candidates, we are looking for particular individuals who can best meet the needs of our clients. We’re not looking for average – instead, we dig deep to find the exceptional.

Our candidates are:

  1. Seasoned senior and executive talent in strategic pricing, revenue management, commercial strategy, and quantitative analytics.
  2. People who clearly stand out among their peers as defined by past accomplishments and quantifiable achievements.
  3. Willing to engage in lengthy discussions, evaluations and assessments of performance and philosophies of management and leadership in order to uncover true potential.
  4. Not necessarily actively searching for new career opportunities, but open to making a move if the right opportunity arises.